Evolution On Ice     

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Evolution On Ice was founded by Monica MacDonald.  Her and her husband John Dunn are World and International Ice Dance and Figure Skating coaches.   They are based at Macquarie Ice Rink Sydney.  Ice Skating Lessons can be organised for beginners, adults,  and international figure skaters, with elite ice skating development classes for children also available.

Our mission is to revolutionise ice dancing within the Asia /

Pacific and Oceania region and to help developing skating

nations produce quality skaters in all disciplines.  We will

achieve this through our passion and dedication to the sport

and our desire to help others to reach their full potential as

skaters and coaches.


Chantelle Kerry and Andrew Dodds at the 2018 World Figure Skating Championships in Milan. 

Gold at the Oceania Novice International. Congratulations Amelie.

Very excited to be a part of Brendan's team leading into Skate America 2016.

 Keep an eye out on SBS for all the action.