Evolution On Ice     

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Chantelle Kerry - World and International Representative

Chantelle was an elite gymnast, winning the State Championships in vault.  However, her true passion was for figure skating. She has represented Australia at numerous International events including the 4 Continents Championships and a World Championship.  She was the only Australian figure skater to represent Australia in the Inaugural Youth Winter Olympic Games.  She is well known for her grace and beauty on the ice along with her strong technical abilities. 

Rebecca Rowe - Performance coach.

Bec is trained in modern dance, holds a degree in teaching, teaches on and off ice ballet classes and is a make up and performance educator.  She has 25 years of performance experience, skating in numerous Ice Shows worldwide and appearing in numerous TV specials with World class international skaters.

In 2013 she was invited to Mexico to choreograph the "Illusion On Ice" show.

Bec is currently undertaking a Master Choreography Techniques course.  

With her background in modern dance and ballet, her grace and style is an asset to the team.  Bec shares a true passion for the sport which she passes onto her students.