Evolution On Ice     

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Adult Ice Skating Training and Dev Camps

Our second Adult Development Camp was once again held at  Macquarie Ice Rink.  It was another huge success with skaters travelling from as far as Brisbane to attend.  The first camp included Salsa dancing as the off ice component with an amazing performance from Aimee and Johnny.  This time we included Pilates.  We all had an amazing day.

We will be hosting 2 Adult Camps annually so stay tuned for the 2015 dates.  If you would like to be included in our email list for this event please contact us.

"The skate camps are great fun.  It's wonderful to see quality coaches with a real dedication and passion to our sport, providing a way for us adult skaters to develop skills as a community."

"Thank you again for being the coaches to take the initiative and make this possible."

"I can not believe how life changing it was to iron out the basics.  I felt such relief because the steps we covered actually suddenly became so simple...not to mention looking and feeling a million percent tidier.."

"I found the approach and explanation of things very beneficial.   John's honesty and teaching style is quite refreshing."


The Ice House in Melbourne was host to our first inter-state Adult Camp.   We were very excited to be invited and had yet another amazing experience.  Everyone was so keen to try new exercises and push themselves.  Thank you for inviting us to be part of your skating community.

"I think it's a brilliant way to polish our skills and socialise at the same time. I hope we get the opportunity again. Thank you IFSC Committee for making this happen!! "